Smart House offers its customers comprehensive solutions through automation and entertainment systems operated through simple controls that allow you to manipulate the functions related to lighting, air conditioning, music, video, curtains, doors, security, gardens and fountains among others.

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Listen to the music of your choice in different rooms or spaces of your home with perfect sound fidelity, everything that can be tested from a single system and use simple control panels. Activate your screen, turn off the lights, close the curtains, adjust the temperature, increase the volume and experience the cinema in all its dimensions with the press of a button.


Ambience each space with lighting according to the place, moment or event. The goal is to optimize both natural and artificial light to create the ideal atmosphere. Customize each area with the light style according to its use and level of natural light. Through the lighting control, with your phone or your personal computer, being at home, in your office or traveling, you can handle the on or off of the lights throughout the house, both interior spaces and lights outside.




The most innovative intelligent technology in the world is useless if it is not intuitive, simple and reliable. Bitecorp installs control systems that integrate your entire home, from audio and video, lighting, to air conditioning, and blinds in a customized format, adapted to your needs, and easy to use. We have cutting-edge technology in control screens, keyboards, telephone controls, internet interface, wireless controls, sensors, systems all that do not compromise aesthetics so we are preferred by architects, electrical engineers and interior design specialists.


Bitecorp allows you to control your home environment from your Smart Phone or Tablet, creating from a warm atmosphere to a cooler environment, regulating the temperature of your air conditioner with just one click.