Connecting with the Future

Technological advances and the globalization of information have triggered much higher bandwidth consumption requirements than in previous times.

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The implementation of new applications; The convergence of voice and data on IP-based networks and the transformation in the forms of communication within companies have led us to the development of new infrastructure solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers.

Today, fiber optic is one of the most advanced data transmission media on the market, and is capable of meeting the highest standards of new industries. Therefore, in Bit Electronic Corporation We offer installation, audit, certification and fusion solutions for fiber optic networks, adapted to your company's needs and with Bit quality assurance.

Advantages of Fiber optic cabling

• High speed data transmission Faster internet connection, download of large files in a few minutes, possibility of online backups without high band consumption.

• Better Bandwidth – Send and receive more information without worrying about traffic jams.

• Anti-Interference – Avoid problems such as connection cuts, speed drops and data crossing caused by electromagnetic interference.

• Network of the Future – Fiber prepared to achieve the requirements of the future of 1, 10 and even 40 Gb.

• Better video and sound quality – Perfect connection for teleconferences and recordings without interference.

• Next Generation Bandwidth – Up to 900% increase in transmission speed.

• More Network Security – Prevent data theft or intervention in your computer network.